Cornerstone Housing Resources

Beta Theta Pi promotes chapter housing that is safe, attractive, and creates an environment that supports academic success and the Men of Principle Initiative. To that end, the Cornerstone Housing Program provides insurance, education, support and advocacy for our house corporations, volunteers and chapters. This full-service program can answer all your housing questions and connect you with industry experts, vendors and other Beta house corporations.

There are several Cornerstone educational videos available via Vimeo. Search for the key words “Cornerstone” or “house corporation.”

The documents and resources provided here are intended for use by house corporation volunteers and chapters. If you identify a need and don’t find it here, please contact John Reineke at 800.800.BETA.

Basic House Corporation Documents

Establishing a House Corporation – Instructions for starting a house corporation.
Generic House Corporation Articles of Incorporation – Sample house corporation articles of incorporation with instructions.
Generic House Corporation Bylaws – Sample house corporation bylaws with instructions.
Sample Bylaws William & Mary – Sample house corporation bylaws William & Mary.
Sample House Corporation Budget – For a new or young house corporation.
Whistleblower Policy – Sample whistleblower policy, per IRS Form 990
Conflict of Interest Policy – Sample conflict of interest policy.
Sample Annual Meeting Agenda – Template agenda for your annual house corporation membership meeting.
Sample Monthly Meeting Agenda – Template agenda for your monthly or quarterly house corporation board meeting.
Sample Tri-Board Meeting Agenda – Template agenda for meeting with the house corporation board, advisory team, and chapter officers.

Insurance Resources

Equipment Breakdown Coverage – Holmes Murphy provides information about equipment breakdown coverage that may benefit your chapter facility.
Insurance and Claims Manual 
– This document explains Beta’s liability and property insurance coverage.
Request for Additional Insured – Use this if your host institution or a vendor asks to be added as an additional insured to our national insurance policy.
Insurance Contact Information – Contact information for Beta Theta Pi and its insurance carriers
Cornerstone Property Insurance Renewal Memo 2017 – Information about this year’s property insurance program and renewal cycle

Facility Management Resources

Summer Break Checklist – A convenient checklist for closing the facility over summer break.
Winter Break Checklist – Keep your facility secure over winter break by using this checklist.
Sample Lease – This is sample lease language (between the house corporation and an individual member).
Substance Free Lease Addendum – This is sample lease language about compliance with Beta’s new substance-free housing policy.
Mold & Mildew Resource – Great tips for preventing mold and mildew build-up in your facility.

House Director Resources

Employee Background and Credit Screenings – Our insurance carrier, Holmes Murphy, offers background and credit screenings for employees. We strongly recommend using background checks for all employees as a way to eliminate risk and prevent fraud.
Generic House Director Employment Agreement
GreekHouse Resource – This is a clearinghouse and search firm for house directors.
Tips for Finding a House Director

Safety & Risk Management Resources

Risk Management Guidelines and Incident Reporting Procedures
Substance-Free Housing Information and FAQs
National Fire Sprinkler Association
Reducing Exposure to Falls From Heights

Alumni Relations & Fundraising

Capital Campaign FAQs & Vendors
Template Letter from House Corporations to Alumni about Substance-Free Housing
Template Request for Proposal for Fundraising
Additional alumni relations resources can be found at

Cornerstone Workshop Handouts

Five Things Your Lease Should Include (September 2015)
Reducing Water Damage Risk with PipeBurst Pro (September 2015)
Trends in Facility Security (October 2015)
Five Tips for Great Alumni Relations (October 2015)
Securing Your Facility Over Winter Break (December 2015)
Building a Great Meal Plan (January 2016)
Property Insurance Overview (January 2016)

Cornerstone Housing Summit 2015

Capital Planning and Execution
Excellence in Alumni Relations
Maximizing Revenue for Your Housing Corporation
Protecting Your Assets – Risk Management
Student Housing Trends – The Next Generation 

Cornerstone Housing Summit 2016

Maximizing Revenue Using Tax-Deductible Contributions
Project Planning Management
Reducing Water Damage Risk