Member Recruitment

Beta Theta Pi’s survival depends on attracting top men with the personal values that measure up to its mission, vision and goals. It is important for the organization to have time to get acquainted with and evaluate the men to ensure that they are consistent with the standards of the Fraternity.

Likewise, the Fraternity hopes not to overlook a man worthy of wearing the badge. This requires the expansion of recruitment from a one- or two-week formal recruitment period to ongoing recruitment for 365 days a year. Recruiting throughout the year is harder but much more productive. The chapter must constantly seek prospective members, learning more about them and having them become interested in the organization.

Resources and best practices to support the chapter’s recruitment efforts are below. If you have any questions, please contact Director of Chapter Services Anne Emmerth.

Recruitment Resources
Basics of Trackering
Best Practices for Recruitment Recommendations
Conversation Starters
“Go Beta” Recruitment Brochure
Founding Father Recruitment Video
Pre-Close Conversation
Recruiting with a Substance-Free Home
Values-Based Selection