“Honor shall come to the badge that we wear,
And every true Beta that honor shall share.”
David H. Moore, Ohio 1860, “Let All Stand Together”

“Betas of Achievement II”

In 1914, William Raimond Baird, Stevens 1878/Columbia 1882, issued his significant historic volume, “Betas of Achievement.” It was unique in the literature of the Fraternity in that Baird successfully chronicled the achievements of individual Fraternity members in a wide variety of professions, without regard to whether the achievements were local, national or international.

With the passing of 100 years since that singular anthology, Editor Emeritus Erv Johnson, Idaho ’53, offers this book as a follow-up to that highly respected first edition. Serving as a final bookend (more like an exclamation point) to an incredible contribution of authoring five Beta books in just 13 years (“Son of the Stars” – 2002, “Beta Statesmen” – 2010, “Beta Heroes” – 2011, “Betas in the Arts” – 2012), the Fraternity is forever indebted to Brother Johnson for so ably serving his beloved brotherhood – one that has prioritized historical documentation since the very first days of its humble beginning.

Including the achievements of more than 5,000 Betas who hail from some 160 different chapters, the 578-page “Betas of Achievement II” is more than just a chronicling of great Betas in the fields of medicine, education, business, politics and sports (and 12 other categories). It is a source of inspiration reminding all who read it that Beta Theta Pi is an incredibly well-rounded organization, and the lives of its members are continually grounded in the best that humanity has to offer.

“Betas of Achievement II” can be purchased here or by contacting the Administrative Office at 800.800.2382.

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